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Rules and Procedures


Please see the following documents for CCOA rules/regulations:


Rules and Regulations

Notice of Rules and Regulations Updates

Roofing Rules and Approval Procedures (updated 9.16.21)

Solar Roofing Resolution

Lake Water Resolution 2017-003

**Tool Shed Drawings

**Architectural Review Form (update 01/03/2019)


 **Homeowners are required to obtain Board approval before constructing or installing roofing materials, an outbuilding or tool shed, an erosion control pad, a fence, or any other structure or permanent improvement (including a grade change).  The owner must submit a Request for Architectural Review for determination as to whether the proposal is permissible. 


The City of Clive issues rules regarding property which remain enforceable separate and apart from any CCOA Rules.  Such rules would address things like solid waste containers, building regulations, recreational vehicles, easements, etc... Please refer to the City of Clive Ordinances to understand your rights and options with respect to your homeowner lot.  You can access a copy of these rules and regulations at City of Clive Code or by contacting Clive City Hall at 515.223.6220.


Please contact Lisa Logsdon if you have any questions or need further information on CCOA Rules.  Legal questions related to Rule changes will be forwarded on your behalf to the Association Attorney and answered.  The current Board cannot answer legal questions or provide legal advice.  


With general questions or concerns, contact our Property Manager:

Lisa Logsdon
2183 NW 86th Street
Clive, IA 50325
515- 446-2240

email here:  Lisa Logsdon



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