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The City of Clive’s proposal to the CCOA Board that traffic signals (similar to University and Country Club Blvd) be installed at our Hickman/Country Club entrance. 

As my memo dated April 27, 2020 indicates, the Board opposes the installation of a traffic light.  This memo can be found in the News/President's Memo section of this website (President's Memo dated April 27, 2020).

Since my letter, many residents have contacted me with concurrence and concern. 

Key members of the Board and legal counsel will be meeting with Mayor Scott Cirksena and Matt McQuillen (Clive City Manager) to discuss the concerns and urge them to explore other options.  In anticipation of this meeting, we have created an on-line petition to oppose any plans to proceed on installation of a traffic light at our neighborhood entrance.  It is extremely important that we contest this action prior to the city moving forward with the project. We hope that we have your support in opposing this traffic light.     

Please sign your name on the petition to show your opposition to the installation of this traffic light.  The link to the petition is here:  OPPOSE TRAFFIC LIGHT PETITION .

Thank you for your support.  

Mark Miller

President, CCOA Board



The Conley Group, CCOA's security company, is offering a free service to CCOA Members.  The Conley Group will email information on security breaches in the neighborhood as information is received from local police.  You will also receive general security information and updates from The Conley Group feed.  If you would like to receive these security updates, click HERE to email The Conley Group.  Please put in your email reference line "CCOA Security Feed Request."  All email addresses will be kept secure, in The Conley Group's possession, and the security emails would be sent through the BCC line only so no one would see anyone else's email address.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Conley at tom.conley@theconleygroup.com or 515.277.7437.  The Conley Group has also provided: PERSONAL SAFETY TIPS.




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